Our official fundraiser for Black Lives Matter has ended, but you can still get a shirt and proudly show your solidarity for the cause!


We are offering a coupon code for 50% off your shirt if you make a donation of any amount to any charity that does work supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, and send us proof of your donation!

You can send a screenshot of your donation receipt to:

-our email (

-FB message (

-IG message (@SpectrumEnsemble)


To be clear, with any shirts sold AFTER July 4th, 2020, we will not be donating 100% of proceeds. (Shipping 100+ shirts over the past 6 weeks has been very rewarding, but we can't feasibly continue to do it forever!) We still want to incentivize as many people as possible to contribute to the cause, hence why we are offering 50% off to anybody who makes a donation!!


THANK YOU so much to everybody who participated in our original fundraiser!! We will announce the total amount that we were able to raise in a few days after the final shirts are shipped!